Tips & Notes

Our dyes are formulated for use on white dyeable satins. They will dye differently on ivory or off-white products and experimentation may be necessary.

Our dye system is constant. Satin Fabrics are not. Your colour match can be affected by the fibres and weaves of the satin, the supplier, the country of origin, the backing and the adhesives used ( see below ).

The dye book is made in the U.S with American dyeable satin. The system does not always dye true to the book on UK or European satins and it is very important to test your colour on spare material before applying it to the work piece.

Makers of dyeable shoes and bags usually supply a test piece with their product. If your supplier doesn't do this you are recommended to call them for a few pieces. If you cannot get anything from them a small spot of dye on the inside waist of the shoe - or in the gusset of a bag - may help you decide if you have got the colour right or if it needs to be "tweaked".

"Dyeable" satin should be bonded by the manufacturer to one or more layers of backing material - cotton drill for example - using adhesive which forms an unbroken impermeable layer. Dye "leaching" through to the inside of the shoe or bag indicates either that faulty material may have been used, or that the satin may not have been intended by the manufacturer to be dyeable.

Our dyes will work on some fabrics other than satin but will probably not dye true to the charts. Some experimentation may be needed.

Our dyes are not water-fast so customers mustn't get bags or shoes wet. A dyed shoe or bag can be made water resistant by spraying with Scotchguard or other silicon treatment, but cannot be re-dyed afterwards.

Light, particularly sunlight, affects perception of colour. Try to choose your colour match in the same lighting conditions as anticipated for final use. If that is not possible select and compare colours in daylight by a north facing window.

Look the shoe or bag over carefully and remove any bits of assembly adhesive and other dirt from the satin. Use a cloth dampened with a proprietary fabric cleaner to remove grease or any other stains. Ensure hands are clean. ( Note: grease from manual handling in the shoe or bag factory may not be visible but will nevertheless affect the finished result ).

Use separate daubers for each colour.

Allow the shoe or bag to dry thoroughly at room temperature before use or before re-applying dye ( a second application deepens the shade, but dark shades are very difficult to make lighter ).

Never force dry with heat or hot air.

Read all instructions carefully.



Keep the dyes out of reach of children or of persons not familiar with them.

Keep the dyes in a dedicated area away from other stock ( for example fabrics, dresses, shoes and bags).

After dispensing any dye, black, extender or other liquid, replace closure immediately.

Ensure containers are stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Ensure working conditions are well ventilated and not over-heated.

Use the gloves provided, or other protection for hands. Protect Clothing.

Our dyes are concentrated colour and FFL Agencies will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for direct or indirect consequential damage or loss resulting from careless handling or spillage if they are not handled in accordance with instructions in this book, in the dye books and on product labels.

Customers should ensure that goods are suitable for the purpose for which they were acquired.

All products must be inspected on receipt and any faults reported to us immediately. In accordance with our stated terms ( copies available on request ) and with the terms at the foot of our invoices, customers must note that our liability is limited to the replacement ( goods or value ) of any goods or materials that shall be returned to us unused ( 95% unused in the case of dye materials only ) within 14 days of delivery and provided that our inspection shall disclose that the products are defective, and that any direct or indirect consequential damages are expressly and absolutely excluded.